F A Q’s

What areas do you cover?
We cover an area of approximately 25 miles radius of Harlow, Essex although there are some parts of London we do not serve due to congestion/travelling time and parking issues.

How long have you been operating?
We were established in 2012.

Are there dangerous fumes or does it smell?
We only use non-caustic, non-toxic and eco-friendly products in your home. Therefore, there are no fumes or odours.

Do you clean the glass doors?
Yes, We clean the doors both inside and outside of the doors, including in between the glass panels, unless it is a sealed unit.

Do you clean Stainless Steel?
We clean all types of cookers and ovens. On stainless steel appliances we use a polish afterwards to bring back its full shine.

What other appliances do you clean?
We clean all types of ovens and cookers, including Ranges and AGA’s plus hobs, cooker hoods, microwaves, and BBQ’s (BBQ’s only in spring & summer).

Why Should I get someone else to clean my oven?
As the saying goes ‘It’s a dirty job, why do it yourself?’
Cleaning your oven is a chore, it’s difficult, and ‘off the shelf’ cleaning products contain unpleasant chemicals which are harmful. You could use your time more wisely.

Why should I use My Oven Hero for my oven cleaning ?
We are an established, local friendly company and not a franchise. Our operatives are fully trained and having cleaned 1000’s of ovens we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We utilise a tried and tested process that we believe to be the most effective and safe cleaning system available. You won’t find a better service, value or after care from anyone else.

Can you clean ‘self-cleaning’ ovens ?
All ovens get dirty and need cleaning. We won’t use our cleaning paste on your ‘stay clean liners’ but we will wipe and brush them and if they are removable we will clean behind them.

Are there any parts of the oven you don’t clean
We clean the whole oven, what you can see when you look in as well as what you can’t see e.g. the oven roof and behind liners (which we first remove.) However, we will not do anything which is detrimental to you appliance, if the roof of the oven is covered with an element and it is not possible to get fully behind the element without breaking it, we will not risk causing damage.

Why do some companies refer to valeting instead of oven cleaning, and is there a difference?
No, they are both exactly the same thing. Some companies might like to use different names to describe different levels of service they offer. We only believe in offering a full service, where every part of your oven is cleaned to the highest standard
for one fixed price.

How long will the cleaning take?
From 1 hour for a single oven, up to 3 hours for a large Range cooker or AGA, standard freestanding cooker, or double oven plus hob, will take around 2 hours to clean.

Are you fully insured ?
Yes, we have full insurance cover.

Do your operators carry spares ?
All our operatives carry replacement bulbs and extractor filters, but we do not carry any other
replacement parts.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean?
Immediately. Because we don’t use any chemicals your oven is ready for you to use as soon as our Operative walks out the door.

How often will my oven need professionally cleaning?
This depends on how often the oven is used and what is cooked in it. An oven that is regularly used to cook fatty meats will need more regular visits than an oven that is perhaps used once a week to make vegetarian dishes or cook ‘ready meals’.
We recommend every 6 months but you may find that yearly is enough or if you have a large family or regular dinner parties, you may need us more often. We will initially remind you 6 months after our visit, but it is up to you to decide, we will be happy to accommodate our next visit to suit you.

How do I book an appointment ?
Just call or send an email and we will find a date and time to suit you.

Are there any extra charges that need to be paid?
Parking charges will be payable by the customer, if applicable.